Massive 4 apartment property in Germany, superb features


Property For sale , Geisa, Germany

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6 bed Property for sale

Massive 4 apartment property in Germany, superb features


Grand multi apartment property with one apartment already let so instant income.

358SQM built area
4 apartments - One let
Floors with coverings of various materials (PVC, tiles, laminate)
One bathroom per apartment
951 SQM land

Built in 1920, this property sits in very scenic Thuringia. The property is in the town of Geisa, population approx 4700; The town sits just South of historic Wartburg, and is close to the neighbouring region of Hesse. The A4 Autobahn is only 20 Miles to get to on smooth roads.

In your town you'll find restaurants, guest houses, hairdressers and of course the funny goat. The funny Goat band are a family name throught Germany and the Netherlands. Geisa has several high tech businesses including an electronic circuit board design company, working for companies globally. The town has an excellent football team with grounds to match (1000 capacity), Google "SV Borsch" for more info, the team were founded in 1925. The town sports a historic district, with some really great architecture popular with tourists from China to Canada.

The property is surrounded by residential buildings and there is lots of green space within as well as outwith the town. The town has a pristine castle (Schloss Geisa), with polished Oak floors and luxury bedrooms, this place really is recommended as accommodation.

Geisa is mentioned first in a written document in 817 AD as a property of the Benedictine abbey of Fulda.

Until 1990, the inner German border passed between Geisa and Rasdorf (Hesse), Geisa was in effect a restriction zone, the East German authorities maintained their side of the border, there was limited access to the area between 1952 and 1990. East Germans from outside the restriction zone had to apply for passes to enter it. West Germans were barred from visiting. Farmers close to the border were allowed to visit only once an official permit had been issued. Just across the border between East and West there is a memorial to what was a former US observation camp - In military notation Point Alpha - that had sometimes been referred to as one of the "hottest spots of the Cold War, there visitors can view exhibits on the presence of US armed forces. Tourists visit to see the area and all that it offers, and the location of one of the most important locations of last century within Germany.

The town is the westernmost municipality in what was formerly East Germany. The town is just North of the Rhön Mountains. In terms of tourism, the area is simply stunning.

Tourist locations in depth:
Schlossplatz - The square in front of the castle is surrounded by a number of commercial buildings including the Protestant church (Built 1860), and what is today known as Schloss Geisa. The castle consists of two structures. The older is the Fürstliches Schloss, formerly the local courthouse and prison (built in 1540), which was turned into the seat of the local Amt (representative of the liege lord) by Placidus von Droste, and Lord Abbot of Fulda (between 1678 and 1700). The younger is the Barockschloss (1712–1714) - a building by Johann Dientzenhofer - originally a hunting lodge for the Abbot (later Bishop) of Fulda.

Stadtpfarrkirche - The Catholic Parish Church of St Philippus und Jakobus (St Philip and St James), which was built between 1489 and 1504. It is the only surviving Gothic church in the Geisa region. A rarity is the carillon, a special kind of 49 bronze bells on the church tower.

Town hall - built in 1861 by Carl Heinrich Ferdinand Streichhan

"Point Alpha" - a memorial located at the former inner German border.

Gangolfikappelle - documented since at least 1461. It features a rare exterior pulpit from around 1600 as well as a number of Renaissance grave slabs.