Investment property in a beautiful Osijek-Baranja County


Property For sale , Dalj, Croatia

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2 bed Property for sale

Investment property in a beautiful Osijek-Baranja County


Short description: The property is placed in the small slavonian village named Dalj, which is situated in the micro-region Erdutska Kosa on the right side of the Danube river. The village has a long history, arable land nearby, vineyard on the slope of Daljska Planina. The region has a long tradition in wine production, Erdut winery is 7 km and Ilok winery is 42 km from the property.

A building: The house was built by a count Szinicz whose family lived inside until 1955. The property is stretched along three streets, pedestrian street on the side of the river, and the local community planned to build a long walking promenada which would pass next to the house (ongoing European Project). 

Size: residential area 235,90 m2, industrial area 359,50 m2, basement 340,20 m2

Total land area: 1276 m2

Unicity: Under the property there is one of the largest basement in the region. The basement was built in a traditional way with rustic walls, powerful drainage system, purposely built as a wine cellar. The size is uniquely large, total length of about 60 meters, 35 meters with a height of 7 meters and 25 meters with a height of 4,3 meters.

Neighboring: Next to the property is a cultural and scientific center Milutin Milankovic, which is renovated and built in his birth house. Milutin Milankovic was a mathematician, astronomer, climatologist, ranked by NASA among the top 10 most influential scientists of all time.

Mobility: At the strategic place similarly distanced from Western and Eastern Europe. Close to the highways of pan-european corridor X, close to the Danube river port which connects northwest-southeast, and close to the airports Klisa- 12 km, Belgrade-123 km, and Budapest- 224 km.

Potentials: active and rehabilitation tourism, conference hall and hotel, wine and gastro tourism, possibility to apply for European Union Project foundings.