Attractive period property with large paddock in Blintendorf, Germany for sale


Property For sale , Gefell, Germany

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3 bed Property for sale

Attractive period property with large paddock in Blintendorf, Germany for sale


Big externally attractive property with a good sized bit of land, available at an extraordinarily low price.

Vital stats
Built in 1913
2 plots (306SMQ and 786SQM)
Property takes up only a small part of the land, the other half is suitable as a large garden or paddock for horses.
Total land size 1092SQM
Internal space 70SQM
Simple bathroom, electric, water etc

Welcome to Blintendorf, a very traditional, attractive property with superb direct link to the A9 Autobahn, stay on thie road all the way down to Munich, or all the way up to Berlin, its airports and attractions.

7 Mins takes you to a monastery, petrol station, florist, Lidl supermarket, primary school, car parts store and more.

10 Mins drive from the property takes you to the German "Modlareuth" museum. This living museum shows homage to the history of Germany, and makes history accessible.

The village of Mödlareuth is a curiosity – one half is Bavarian, the other Thuringian. The Americans called this village north of Hof “Little Berlin”; it became a symbol for the division of Germany like its big brother Berlin. mpenetrable border posts and even a wall divided the two parts of the village from the 1950s on until the peaceful revolution. It wasn’t until 1989 that a border crossing-point for pedestrians was created. The partial demolition of the wall on 17th June 1990 was the hour of birth for the German-German museum in Mödlareuth that reminds us of the division of Germany. Today’s memorial has an open-air exhibition ground, an exhibition area, museum educational rooms as well as a media archive. If you or your guests are interested in the history of Germany, then Moedlareuth is a place to be visited.

5 Minutes by car takes you to the Rettenmeier Holzindustrie Hirschberg timber distribution plant, this provides hundreds of jobs locally.

7 Mins South by car and you cross over into Bavaria, famed for many things. Over the border are hotels, castles and fabulous scenery, in fact, the scenery and attractings are just as spectacular where your home is too, you are basically in Bavaria anyway!

For travellers, you are almost spot on 1 Hour up to Leipzig and its international airport (Direct flights into London and many other destinations worldwide). 2.5 Hours from your doorstep and you'll arrive at Berlin Schonefeld Airport, catch a flight to many European cities from here.

Flights from Schonefeld go to London Gatwick, London Luton, London Stansted, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds Bradford, Belfast Itl, Dublin, East Midlands and more.

Flights from Leipzig go to many European destinations including Tenerife, Corfu, Rhodes, London Stansted, Burgas, Antalya and more.

An excellent purchase for a renovate and flip, renovate and rent or full time home for living in.Freehold and without encumbrances.

The village has a special place in music history. Neumann professional recording equipment is used worldwide in broadcast and live audio. Blintendorf is where the Berlin professional audio company Georg Neumann GmbH relocated during World War II. During the time of the GDR, Gefell was in East Germany and private companies were nationalized, including the factory prodicing Neumann equipment. Since reunification, the company, now known as Microtech Gefell, has specialized in microphones and is once again privately owned, this time by the families of managers of the pre-war Neumann company. Chances are that when you are listening to the radio or at a concert, some of the microphones used are Neumann, built right here! Find the state of the art, skilled employment factory 7 Mins by car.