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Country House MURCIA, Alicante


Where to even start on this one.. Listing this property got me so excited, I even considered buying it myself. There is so much to say about this project, Iandprime;m afraid it wonandprime;t fit my page. What are we selling exactly here.. Well, we are selling a company, an S.L. that runs a camping, with licences for long term rental or short term rentals of plots. Basically it is a 28000m² plot, with individual plots for rent. Plots are going from 200m² to 400m². There are a total of approximately 65 plots, of which 13 are already rented out. There is mains electricity, and drinkable water from a big tank. And each rented plot already has individual connections of both. The non rented plots have the water and electricity connection closeby, all preparations have been made. On each plot the tenants are free to build whatever type house they want, as long as it is not constructed in brick. So all types of prefabricated, non permanent homes are welcome. Plans and permissions from the town hall to connect water to the mains have already been approved. This is the ideal project for people that are looking to run a bandb, but then even better.. why? Well first of all, you donandprime;t have to get up in the early morning to prepare breakfast. Second, you donandprime;t have to make up the beds and clean the houses, and third, people donandprime;t rent a plot for a weekend, but rent is per year, or even longer.. This camping is like a gated community, with tenants from different nationalities, like English, Dutch, Belgian etc. It is located in the province of Murcia, about 10 minutes from Fortuna. Surrounded by the mountains and great views. The town center is only a few kilometers away, where there is a bar and restaurant. Located 45 minutes from the airport and 55 minutes from the beaches of La Marina. Look, I can go on forever talking about this great project. If you are interested and you would like more info, like revenues, turnover or any other info you would