What You Need to Know About Moving Internationally

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Moving internationally is nothing like when you go traveling on vacation to another country. It’s far more complicated and there are many steps to complete. In most cases, you’ll need help to complete the feat because it’s quite complex like knowing the international moving rates.

Here are some things you need to know about moving internationally.

Home Search

Understanding the local property market overseas isn’t quick or simple. Even if you’re moving from one European country to another, there are differences between countries, regions and cities/towns. You’ll need local experts to help you navigate the rental property markets to appreciate what suburbs offer the best access to local schools, shopping, and other facilities.

Just looking at the website of a foreign real estate agent won’t give you that information – you’ll just see which apartments are cheaper or more expensive, but not know the reason why. Local knowledge provides the all-important context to different parts of town and their pricing.

Relocation and Protected Shipping

There’s not much you can carry on your back when you’re moving internationally for a job opportunity or to relocate. Other than what you stow in the luggage hold of the plane and your carry-on, the rest of your valuable possessions will need to be packaged up and shipped over.

Using shipping is much cheaper than flying heavy boxes as cargo, but it’s the high seas and so it takes longer. Buying insurance is sensible to protect from potential loss during the shipping and relocation process. While most cargo arrives safely, there are some elements that are out of an international movers’ control and you must accept that reality.

Affordable Money Transfers

Opening checking accounts in other countries usually requires residency. Transferring substantial sums of money is, therefore, a little tricky. You need to get a local checking account first and then have a transfer arranged for you. Bank transfers internationally are costly, but there are other options for securing a preferential foreign exchange rate when sending larger sums.

For money transfers within the EU from one bank to another, the SEPA transfer system is the most affordable and reliable. It is used widely in Europe, with some notable exceptions like the UK where the SWIFT system is utilized. Outside of the EU, wire transfers can be arranged to get funds moved successfully into Europe.

Pet Relocation

If you have a cat, a dog or another domesticated animal that you cannot part ways with, then pet relocation services are available too. Depending on the originating country, a pet passport is required within Europe. Some vaccinations, such as for rabies, lab testing or a quarantine period might be necessary.

For the European Union, there is an EU Pet Passport which was introduced back in 2013. It allows for travel within the EU under certain conditions. An EU veterinarian approved by the issuing body can perform the testing and approval for the EU Pet Passport.

Assistance is also available to settle into a new country. Having the basics explained to you makes a new place feel less foreboding.

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