What Are The Advantages Of Choosing Luxury Home Builders?

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After making the decision to build, you need to decide whether you will use a project or a luxury home builder. Whilst the latter will certainly cost more, you will also receive a number of benefits that are just not available when working with a project builder like Auckland Builders (who only work from a handful of designs and allow for few alterations). So, what are the advantages of going luxury?

  • You will receive a wholly unique, one-of-a-kind home that has been designed specifically for your needs;

  • You will receive floor plans that have been designed to suit your particular block of land and your budget;

  • You will receive a solar passive designed home, which means that it will cost you much less to heat and cool;

  • You will receive the flexibility to select the various materials used in the construction of the home;

  • You will receive the flexibility to select appliances, fixtures, floor coverings and paint colours for the home;

  • You have the option of supplying your own floor plan (if you have chosen to work with your own architect or drafter);

  • You will be working with local builders who know the area, as well as being familiar with the soil and building regulations;

  • You will, in most cases, receive a free concept plan (which outlines the builder’s vision for your dream home);

  • You will receive an excellent level of one-on-one customer service and will often deal with the same person all the time;

  • You may be able to view past projects in person, as most builders will maintain good relationships with their clients;

  • You will receive a single project manager who is responsible for the whole project, from start to finish;

  • You will have peace of mind that highly skilled, local trades people are employed for specialised works (such as plumbing);

  • You will have peace of mind that there are no hidden costs, as everything is outlined in the initial contract; and

  • You will receive a turnkey solution, which means that all you need to do upon completion is move in.


As you can see, you will receive a number of advantages when choosing to work with a luxury home builder in Melbourne as opposed to a project one. Just remember to contact a handful of builders, ask them the same questions and obtain a quote for the same works – this ensures that you have all the necessary information for choosing the most appropriate builder for your project