Want to move abroad? Then study degrees that travel well

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Moving abroad is a momentous, life-changing decision – and one that isn’t easy for people struggling in employment limbo.

Without capital to back up your travels and mortgage, you’ll be little more than a backpacker in a hostel bed.

But that doesn’t mean the only people able to relocate are jet setting, eccentric millionaires. People who escape their native countries have, as Liam Neeson might say, a unique set of skills.

Properties come and go, as do jobs, but the right qualification can allow you to relocate many times over in complete security. But what degree qualifications can help you on the international stage?

Moving trade

Trade is an in-built license to travel, giving you the opportunity to schmooze with clients in all sorts of exotic locations.

Getting into the upper tier of the trade industry takes a lot of effort. But distance learning providers offer import export courses in international trade that can teach you the finer points of trade agreements, legal issues, finance, marketing and much more.

The cream of the crop will allow you to learn core skills without having to stress through exams. And what will you find at the end of your studies? Companies the world over will be helping relocate.

A love of oil

Oil is everywhere, forever being found in far flung locations and paying billions to those in the industry.

Even working on oil rigs for months at a time pays a handsome sum – but the brains behind the operation make the real coin. Those men and women who plan the layout of pipes or discern the location of a new patch of oil, those are the people making tons of cash.

Many universities offer degrees in the management of oil fields, a job that will put you almost at the pinnacle of the industry. While these are highly competitive positions the process of management is a transferrable skill that will keep you in good stead when you want to move to pastures new.

Let’s get political

Members of the political stage can move from the local to the international stage almost at the drop of a hat – making it the perfect way see new towns and cities.

Take a degree in politics and try various scholarships with local political figures. By the time you graduate, you’ll have a wealth of experience under your belt.

It can take time before you’re jetted off to the UN or the EU, but the time spent can be fulfilling. Who knows where you might decide to settle down by the time you’ve finished your travels?