Top Staircase Tips for Dark Spaces

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There are many opportunities to hurt yourself in a house; but staircases are the place a place of choice, where most people eventually trip and fall. Aside from getting hurt, you don’t want your children or your guests tripping and falling in your stairs. The best solution to this problem is to ensure that your staircase is well lit, but what can you do when your staircase is in a dark space with no windows in sight?

Unless you plan on remodeling the entire stairway, keep reading as we have suggestions that can help without require you to redesign the entire place in glass and neon with flashing signs to indicate ‘danger’ ahead.

The easiest of solution for dark staircases is to paint the walls with light reflecting colours. Using a matte finish will also help as it will reflect the light equally in the area as opposed to a glossy finish that would produce blinding glares. Paint all the trim at the top of the landing and on the stairs white. This will create a contrast with the walls and the floor that will help everyone see where they walk.

Declutter the space. Even though collections are precious, think minimalist in staircase areas. You want to remove non-essential objects that could become obstacles when going up and down the stairs. Don’t leave things laying around in the stairs and ask the kids to pick up their toys. Lego pieces and toy cars create a most painful sensation under one’s foot and become literally lethal in staircases.

On the walls, going up and at the landing, replace paintings with large mirrors. They will be as decorative and will reflect any incoming light which will make the space look brighter and larger. If there are windows in the rooms near the tops of the stairs, make sure they are cleaned regularly. Any light source is appreciated, and clean windows let more light in than dirty ones. It might also pay off to trim tree branches obstructing those windows.

The final touch comes with lighting. Obviously, having a light fixture that produce sufficient light is essential, but it can be improved with a few simple steps. Even though chandelier look fantastic, they do not produce as much light as a flush-ceiling mounted fixture. Use fixtures that have more than one bulbs. That way, if a bulb is burnt, you can still see when walking up and down the stairs. When purchasing bulbs, use a kind that turns on rapidly and does not require several minutes to be at its brightest. You want the light to turn on quickly hen you flick the switch. Nowadays, it is even possible to install bright, yet discrete LED lights around the ceiling, hiding in the crown molding. This system provides thorough lighting in the entire area without blinding you.

Whatever tricks you use to make your staircase safer, even if it is in a dark area of your house, make sure it aligns with your décor and fits within your budget.