Top 8 Ways to Make an Outdated Home Look New Again

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Top 8 Ways to Make an Outdated Home Look New Again

So, your home is a great place, but everything in it looks like a scene from an 80s movie. You have now decided to put some touches to it so that it will have a modern look. That's a good idea, and you are in the right place. Here is a list from Simply Maid to make your outdated home looks new again:


Repainting your home should be the first thing you should do. It gives your home a fresh look without taking too much toll on your wallet. The choice of color is also important. You can decide on a bold color to give your home a vibrant look. You can also try hues to give your home some elegance.

Keep your home clean

Even if you have all the best cabinets, bakeware sets, faucet, bathroom sinks, furniture, chandeliers, but they are not well organized, your home will not look good. You must keep your home tidy and clean. When your floors carpets, curtains, and other things are clean, the air in your home will always be clean and fresh. Your home in itself will also be as good as new. Remember always to declutter and get rid of things you no longer need.

Change your lightning

Standard lightning gets old with time, and it begins to look unattractive. You can replace your fixtures with attractive and unique ones. You don't need to invest in high-end lightning; visit the flea market, and you will find some unique designs for your home. You can polish the ones that look blurry to make them look new.

Put pillows in your home

What comes to mind when you visit a home, and you see so many pillows around; on the couch, and chairs? It screams comfort and elegance. If you want to give your home a modern look, you can try this. Choose attractive designs and be mindful of the colors. The pillows should also be small in size such that they can be picked up with ease.

Replace your carpet

Worn out carpets give your home an old look. You can replace them or invest in a hardwood floor. Wood floors look more elegant, and they last longer. However, it is more expensive. If you want to buy hardwood for your home, look for a cheaper option. Oak and birch are less expensive compared to cherry.

Add area rugs

Rugs add color and detail to your space. Lay soft and plush rugs in front of your furniture. It changes your space and gives it a modern look.

Showcase statement pieces

Some pieces upgrade the look in your home. Chandeliers, dining tables, sofa, and flower vases can be an exciting statement piece in your home. Identify these items and put them at strategic locations to give a good impression of your home.

Display art 

Your collection of art can both entertain and attract your visitors. If your room does not have a focal point, create one with a collection of artworks. It will be great if the art you choose will resonate your personality.