Top 5 Things To Do in Kings Cross, London

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Kings Cross is an old district and a notable transport hub located in the heart of London city. This region is conveniently located in the boroughs of Camden and Islington. The most famous Kings Cross station is the significant spot for Londoners to travel to different parts of the city easily. It is also known for its strong links across London, parts of the United Kingdom and Europe. Kings Cross underwent multiple regenerations in the past decade to suit the resident’s need and taste. It was once a village, a poor but busy place that later transformed into an influential urban centre. With drastic yet favourable changes that have taken place at Kings Cross, people from different parts of the city moved into Kings Cross to settle down. This development led to the emergence of new constructions in this area over the years. Properties like studio apartments, luxurious penthouse, modern flats, en-suite bedrooms etc., are available in Kings Cross that are newly built or second hand. They can be availed easily with the help of letting agents in Kings Cross.

People residing or visiting Kings Cross have plenty of things to do and see in this district. Kings Cross is home to many prominent places of central London like Granary Square, Camley street natural park, Gasholder Park, St Pancras Lock and more. Bookworms who would love to be amidst a sea of books can head over to the famous and the most significant British Library, where they can effortlessly find every book published in the UK. With many markets, gardens and leisure spaces available across the region, people will never get bored. If you wish to buy or rent a property here, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Kay & Co estate agents in London will be of great assistance.


Regent’s Canal is the unique charm of Kings Cross apart from its railway networks. This famous canal is a 13.8 km waterway, through which starts at Granary Square and moves in a criss-cross fashion ending up at the Regent’s Park. People travelling in this route will experience a mix of everything like the striking architecture., gardens, parks, modern graffiti and more. The London Zoo, Little Venice and Primrose Hill are a walk away from their respective canal stations.


The architecture of the Kings Cross is exceptional and appealing. Apart from being the transport nerve centre of London, Kings Cross Station holds many unknown treasures. The psychedelic tunnel linking St Pancras to the Kings Cross station is a must-visit. Who can forget the famous platform 9 ¾! Although you can’t enter the magical world of Harry Potter but still pretend to hold the half protruding luggage trolley and capture that moment. There is an exclusive Harry Potter store within the station premises so that people can get their new wands and more!


There are many restaurants with varied cuisines spread around Kings Cross. People can get fresh and locally sourced vegetables from the oasis at the Skip Garden. There are many restaurants to pick from to have a sumptuous lunch of croissants, Bavette steak, canards and more. Granary Square and German Gymnasium are the best lunch destinations for lunch and dinners for the line of food joints, eateries and restaurants in that region.


Even if Kings Cross does not have famous markets like those in other parts of London, the newly emerging markets in this area are gaining popularity among the residents. Food markets like Kerbs Kings Cross, Canopy Market are always filled with people for their famous eateries. The little food stalls, independent shops, markets at Kings Cross is a delight to visit and enjoy endless shopping.


From street wall arts, unique and modern graffiti or artworks from world-renowned artists, everything can be found at King Cross. The Gagosian Gallery is filled with international art and cultural works, a treat for art lovers. There are streets filled with wall paintings and paintings that are worth being photographed.