Top 10 European Skyscrapers

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Traditionally, Europe has been known for its exceptional low rise architecture. Now all of that has changed. Skyscrapers are more and more becoming an integral part of the European landscape. Much of the increase in skyscraper popularity is due to the increasing popularity of urban real estate, coupled with the relatively restricted amount of available urban development space. It makes sense to build upwards.

Perhaps surprisingly, Moscow leads the way, in being home to most of the Top 10 tallest skyscrapers in Europe. Much of this fact is due to there being far fewer building restrictions in the Russian capital. Take a look at these Moscow skyscrapers, and the others in the list of Europe’s Top 10 Tallest Skyscrapers.

10. Torre Bankia in Madrid, Spain which is 250 metres in height

Torre Bankia Madrid Skyscrapper

The Torre Bankia has 45 floors, and is the tallest construction in the four building Cuatro Torres Business Area complex. The building is the tallest in Spain.

9. Messeturm in Frankfurt, Germany which is 256.6 metres in height

Messeturm Frankfurt Skyscrapper

The Messeturm was first opened in 1990 and has a total of 63 floors. It has a geometric design, and is topped by a pyramid. The buildings large size is reflected in the fact that it has its own postcode.

8. Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt, Germany which is 258.7 metres in height

The Commerzbank Tower is only slightly taller than fellow Frankfurt skyscraper, Messeturm. It actually has seven fewer floors than Messeturm, even though it is more than two metres taller. The building houses the Commerzbank headquarters.

7. Istanbul Sapphire in Istanbul, Turkey which is 261 metres in height

Istanbul Turkey Skyscraper

The Istanbul Sapphire was opened in 2011, and has 54 floors. The construction is part retail and part residential. It makes use of a special system which brings air into the building naturally from the outside, using a series of glass shells.

Video of the Istanbul Sapphire Skyscraper


6. Triumph Palace in Moscow, Russia which is 264.1 metres in height

This is the first of the Moscow skyscrapers in the Top 10. It was opened in 2006 and is the tallest apartment building in Europe.

5. Naberezhnaya Tower in Moscow, Russia which is 268.4 metres in height

Naberezhnaya Tower is actually an office complex which consists of three separate blocks that share a basement. Block C is the tallest, and the one which secures this building a place in the Top 10. The tower houses a mix of retail and office space.

4. City of Capitals in Moscow, Russia which is 301.6 metres in height

City of Capitals Moscow Russian Skyscraper

The City of Capitals is actually comprised of two skyscraper towers; the Moscow Tower and the St Petersburg Tower. The complex is mixed use, and houses shops, restaurants, offices, apartments and an entertainment complex.

3. Eurasia Tower in Moscow, Russia which is 308.9 metres in height

Eurasia Tower in Moscow

This recently completed building is architecturally interesting. One of the most unusual aspects of its construction is that the elevator is on the outside of the building, and affords exceptional views of the city.

2. The Shard in London, UK which is 309.6 metres in height

The Shard cost £435 million to develop and build, and was opened in 2013. It has 72 habitable floors, and is home to the Shangri-La Hotel which takes up 19 of the floors.

1.Mercury City Tower in Moscow, Russia which is 338.8 metres in height


Mercury City Tower has 75 floors above ground, and five floors below ground. It is a mixed use building, housing both commercial and residential space. One of the most noticeable aspects of the design of the building is that over half of it is covered with copper-coloured cladding.

Mercury City Tower Large Russian Skyscraper

The popularity of skyscraper development in London is set to continue, with many more projects currently underway. Moscow is set to keep its position as the home of most of Europe’s tallest skyscrapers. Six of the eleven tallest skyscrapers under construction, are being built in the city. Three of them will be taller than Mercury City Tower. The world of skyscraper design is not always easy sometimes its not until they have been erected that problems start to show themselves. The wind around the bottom of the tower or the way the building projects light or noise can be an example of the unseen problems at the design stage. Read The Problem with Skycraper wind effect by the BBC. Europe is continually developing you can find the 10 Tallest Building Under Contruction at