Tips to Help You Leave Home and Move to Australia

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Tips to help you move to Australia:

Organise accommodation

You will most likely need short term accommodation before you settle into your own place. The homes of friends or family are ideal for this or you can rent hotel accommodation by the day, week or month.

Try and stay somewhere close to where you plan on living permanently. This way you will get a feel for the place before you commit to a long term rental or property purchase.

See to the paperwork

Close bank accounts, ensure your will is in order, obtain references, medical and vaccination records and collect professional and personal contact details.

Organise shipping to Australia

Packing and shipping is time consuming a costly. Get quotes and use a reputable supplier. If you are moving to Australia don’t pack anything that will be confiscated or hold up your goods in quarantine unnecessarily – visit the Australian Government’s Quarantine and Inspection Service.

Decide whether or not to bring your pets. Find out about pet shipping to Australia.

Plan to stay in touch with friends and family

Consider joining social networking sites such as Facebook,Twitter etc. Have money put aside for a return trip in case of emergencies.