Three Steps to Getting Your Home Market-Ready

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Selling a house can either be chaotic or a total breeze. When you have a clear understanding of the process, the transaction will be smoother and much less of a headache. Before you put your house on the market, you must get it ready.

Make updates and Repairs to Improve Value

The selling process is different for everyone, but eventually, your home should look like a staged model home where no one lives.

According to an article from Forbes Magazine, most buyers are looking for homes that are ready to live. They likely do not want to fix damages or make any significant repairs.

It can be helpful to invite an interior designer or realtor to come to check out the situation. They can make suggestions for needed improvements. You may also want to inspect the home for any hidden leaks or other small issues that may eventually become big and expensive.

Updating areas like the kitchen or the bathroom will add value to your home. Painting is a cheap and simple project that is also cost-effective. Keep in mind that neutrals are the best colors to appeal to a wide range of potential buyers.

Focus on Curb Appeal

Before you put your residence on the market, it is crucial to make sure it looks good from afar. Focus on the curb appeal of the property.

Typically, problem areas of the house are often neglected, for example, roofing. Reroofing is a major project that no buyer would want to undertake. Look for reputable professionals, like Dominion Roofing Company. They offer a variety of roofing and reroofing services to help you take on this significant home improvement.

Also, make sure that the front door, garage, porches, and decks are attractive and in good shape. Take care of the front lawn and the walkways. Hiring a landscaper can help to ensure that your house presents with charm.

Schedule a Professional PhotoShoot

Professional photoshoots are a great way to market your home. If you are working with a listing agent, work with her to develop a marketing campaign.

Creating an online virtual tour of your home can help to increase traffic and showings. You could design one on your own with Google Tour Creator, or hire the assistance of a professional.

If you are choosing to advertise the sale for yourself, you might consider hiring a professional stager to get your home ready for showings and this photoshoot. Often, you can use your own furniture, but you will want to make sure all personal photos and trinkets are tucked away.

We all know homes can look different online than in person, but it is best to keep the house as tidy as possible when it comes to a showing. Another thing to keep in mind is smell. Your house has to smell good during showings.

A home that is light and airy as opposed to dim and musty wins every time. Sometimes it only takes a great first impression to make a deal.

The Verdict

Once your home is fixed-up and staged, it is ready to be put on the market! The more prepared you are before the house is listed, the higher the chances of closing a sale.

We know that there is a lot of preparation involved, but it will be worth it when you get your asking price or higher. You are not alone, and many professionals can help you with this process if, at any point, you feel overwhelmed.