The World’s Top 7 Places to Invest in Real Estate

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Sinking hard-earned cash into overseas properties comes with potential risks and downsides. However, with the global property market sobering over the past few years, there are a number of destinations where investing in real estate looks far more attractive than a couple of years ago. Here’s a look at the top 7 places to invest in real estate around the world:

1. Algarve, Portugal

Algarve Portugal

This region of Portugal offers real estate investors low costs as compared to the rest of coastal Europe. As a result, it is the best place to invest in property if you have a few million Euros to spare.

2. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Spain

Barcelona is still rocking the real estate market with sales turnovers exceeding 250%. Therefore, it is one of the best places to purchase properties for investment purposes.

3. Tuscany, Italy

Currently, the real estate market in Tuscany is flourishing, opening up new opportunities for investors around the world.

4. Panama City Beaches, Panama

Planning on purchasing a beachfront property? Then investing in a property on the Pacific west coast of Panama City can get you a huge ROI.

5. Mauritius, East Africa

Mauritius is a vacation destination for many people, but it also has a strong rental market. Additionally, it also provides the opportunity for overseas buyers to gain residency and other tax benefits.

6.Brazil, South America

With the Brazilian government working to end chronic housing shortage in the country, there are plenty of investment opportunities for real estate buyers around the world.

7. Dubai, UAE

Dubai has certainly experienced a huge transition! The city is not only beautiful, but it also has a strong real estate market. With the prices of properties rising by 30% in 2013, there are still plenty of opportunities for investors around the world to buy for less and sell at higher prices in the long run.

So, now that you are familiar with the places mentioned above, investing in overseas property for high gains won’t be a problem.