The Easiest Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

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Green living has become all the rage. With celebrities going vegan left and right and many consumers shifting back to using all-organic non-GMO produce; it is clear that eco-conscious living has become fashionable.

With its rise in popularity however, it has also now become oddly more expensive to live closer to nature. This can alienate middle class homeowners and can discourage the common man from getting in on the green program.

Below are some small steps and great ideas that will make Mother Nature proud!

Check if your appliances pass energy star standards

This is especially helpful for those who are still shopping for a home. The ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that helps businesses and individuals protect our environment by making more eco-friendly choices in the home or office.

Over the last two decades, the agency has attributed a cumulative reduction of 2.1 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases to its collaborative efforts with both consumers and manufacturers, in the development of more energy efficient electronics and appliances. 

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Flex your green thumb

Whether you’ve got your granny groove on and have a whole patch of home grown vegetables ready for picking or if you’re just a struggling millennial trying not to kill your ONE potted desk plant; you may already be contributing more to the environment than you think.

According to, there are several ways keeping plants in the home and planting gardens can help the environment. For starters you are providing a home to little critters (i.e. insects and birds). You are also helping to keeping the air clean by absorbing greenhouse gases and converting them into oxygen.

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Invest in solar panels

Of the three ideas, this might need the most amount of investment, but solar panels basically pay for themselves. The panels can cut your electricity bill in half and, depending on where you live, the excess energy your solar panel generates can actually be sold back to the grid tax free! Another plus that comes from this it that real estate agents look at solar panels as a revenue generating asset; which could increase the value of your home significantly.