Straightforward Everyday Habits That Will Save You Money

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Do you ever wonder where all your money goes each month? While it’s easy to blame our financial responsibilities such as rent or mortgage payments, food and utilities, there are dozens of other reasons why your bank account is persistently drained each month.

Whether you have debt that needs to be paid off, you’re saving for a holiday or you simply want to have more money to play with after your bills, changing your spending habits and taking a closer look at your spending patterns will help you maintain better control of your money and place you in a healthier, financial position. Want to know more? Read on to discover some straightforward, everyday habits that will save you money.

Switch to LED Lighting

Have you joined the lighting revolution yet? If not, you’re probably paying an extortionate amount of money to light your home. These energy saving dimmable bulbs will not only make your home look stylish and help you set the tone effortlessly, but as LEDs are environmentally friendly and use less energy, they’ll also save you money on your electricity bills each month. What’s more, thanks to the longevity of LED bulbs you won’t have to replace them as often, saving you more money on blown bulb replacements.

Cook At Home

If you’re in the habit of ordering a takeaway a few times a week, heading to your favourite lunch spot on your break and going out for dinner, then it’s going to be reflected in your bank balance. By learning to cook at home and sticking to a weekly menu, you’ll be able to cut down on your spending and enjoy a healthier, balanced diet. Learning to cook at home is fun! And if you miss the social aspect of heading out for dinner, why not invite your friends over?

Go Through Your Direct Debits

These days, everyone has subscriptions and direct debits, but very few of us know how many we have and how much we’re paying. From magazine subscriptions and fitness applications to gym memberships, additional cover for your warrantied electricals, subscription boxes and streaming services you don’t even use – the list goes on. Go through your direct debits and decide which ones you can live without, you may be shocked to see how many you have.

Learn How To Fix Things

Being able to undertake basic home maintenance and look after your home is a simple yet effective way to save yourself time and money on expensive repairs. From learning how to maintain your car to getting to grips with sewing and replacing buttons and zippers, even how to replace taps and fix your electricals, gaining these life skills will give you a sense of accomplishment and save you money in the long run.


Whether you have a fancy event coming up and you need a nice outfit, or you need to use some gardening tools at home, instead of reaching for your credit card, consider borrowing these items to save yourself money instead.

Final Thoughts…

Repeating these habits will make them come naturally, and will help you manage your money and spend it a little wiser in the long term.