Some Hot Tips to Sell Your Commercial Property

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There’s a knack to selling a commercial property – and it’s far removed from shifting a residential home.

While selling a house is a case of nifty interior design, scent marketing, and a keen eye for detail, commercial property owners (especially someone on the lookout for a warehouse) are looking at properties from a far more practical perspective.

A prospective buyer wants to know that there’s a profitable future in their purchase, and that their property will be safe and up to code from the minute they set up shop.

That makes selling a commercial property a potentially tricky proposition – unless you can strike the right tone between price and quality.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few suggestions to help make your commercial property stand out from the pack.

Be Safe

Safety is a key issue in a commercial property, especially in an environment where employees will be milling around and potentially handling dangerous chemicals. A prospective buyer wants to know how they can shield their assets from the threat of burglary, fires and flooding.

And implementing these security measures is a simple task. To shield your property from burglary, install alarms, security cameras and, if necessary, high-quality fencing. The intensity of your security measures should depend on how you want your property to portray itself. A branch of Starbucks covered in barbed wire, for instance, isn’t going to lure in customers, but it will remain a viable option for a warehouse containing high-value objects.

In terms of fire safety, Durasteel is a fantastic way to ensure your property’s walls are blast- and flameproof, maintaining their integrity for up to four hours. So, if a fire did break out, you’ll have plenty of time to get it under control without worrying about your walls perishing.

Avoiding floods is largely about the integrity of your roofing, so contact a high-quality tradesperson to ensure that your tiling is up to scratch and that your pipes are secure.

Know your Audience

Every person who views your property has a distinct set of wants and needs for their company. Do they require plenty of parking for their employees? Will they be receiving plenty of large, industrial-scale orders? Or perhaps they’re a small startup hoping to deal with a small amount of space.

Whatever the company, the space itself doesn’t have to do all the selling. With a few wise words concerning how it could be used, your potential buyer’s mind will suddenly be filled with possibilities.

Have you got any other suggestions on how to help sell a commercial property? Then let us know in the comments below!