Reasons why co-living is great for students

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Students should understand how important it is to find the right place to live while they are studying or taking UK postgraduate courses. They should consider all the benefits and the disadvantages so that they make the right decision. If you are a student looking for accommodation, then you need to consider a few reasons why co-living would be best for you at this point in your life.


Reasons to consider

  1. Co-living is much cheaper than living on campus. Do research before deciding to stay on campus property. This is also dependent on the type of neighbourhood you want to live in. You will be able to choose from upmarket to low budget accommodation. You will also have access to many amenities that campus housing does not offer or may charge you extra for them. Research shows that millennials spend 45 minutes in the kitchen and lounging areas and about 9 hours in their bedroom. However, with most rentals, you are paying 60% of the cost for a nice kitchen and living room and about 40% for the bedroom.

  2. You will get value for money with co-living spaces. Campus accommodation is small and claustrophobic, and you might even need to share it with another student. Co-living spaces offer bigger spaces, at more affordable rates. They are usually homelier and more comfortable. Apart from space, you receive full access to the TV, housekeeping, repairs and internet at no extra cost. Each occupant contributes to the amount owed, therefore, everyone pays less.

  3. Co-living offers you the chance to live in the middle of all the action, instead of being cooped up in a dorm room. You don’t have to be surrounded by students and lecturers who you see every day on campus, but rather live in a community that lets you take a break from campus life. You will get to experience living in a community and get a chance to meet different people and interact with neighbors.

  4. Co-living will give you a taste of real independence and prepare you for life after campus. It is a great opportunity to experience what a city is all about and learning how to be responsible. You will benefit from learning to budget yourself and cooking and cleaning up after yourself.

  5. Dormitories often have any rules, whilst co-living have little to none. This means that you will not have to answer to anyone or be supervised 24/7 but you will have a sense of responsibility and the urge to do the right thing.

  6. Living in shared accommodation is also simpler as people can up and leave whenever they need to. You are not tied down to a contract and living in a co-living space may be compared to hotel living.

  7. Co-living spaces appropriate for millennials are often up to speed with technology and constantly evolve to offer the user an advanced and efficient service.

  8. One of the major benefits of co-living is its safety, which is very important for millennials and students. Co-living landlords ensure that they do background checks on occupants, have CCTV surveillance and access cards to residents on the property.

  9. It gives you the opportunity to decide whether you will be staying in this area, even after you have completed your studies, especially if you have moved to a new area to study.

  10. Co-living gives you the chance to meet new people, like-minded students just like you, with similar interests. This could be the start of great friendships or even relationships. You will have a chance to connect with people you live with, who do not study with you. The benefit to this is that when you are home you can truly unwind and just be relaxed and speak about stuff other than campus.

  11. Co-living allows students to benefit from amenities they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford on their own. These may include all-day access to the pool, gymnasiums or even classes like Yoga and Zumba.

  12. You will have a chance to party with other people who are also co-living.


Why should you consider co-living?

As a millennial or student, you are just finding your feet and a great way of doing this is by being independent and trying out your wings. Co-living will prepare you for life after campus and allow you to transition better. It will teach you the skills you need to thrive in the working world, as many students are perplexed at the cost of living once they begin working and fending for themselves.