Moving into Your New Home and Settling: Quality Tips and Tricks

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Settling into a new home is never straightforward as it is a challenging adjustment for everyone in your family--even the pets. This is why lots of planning goes into the moving process.  Once you have finally made the move, there are tips that can help fast track the transition from a new house to a home. This piece takes a look at them.

Unpack your boxes carefully

The first few weeks will be all about ridding the new house of boxes. If you worked with a reputable removals company on moving day, then all boxes will be appropriately labelled making the work easy for you. Unpack boxes, taking note of the labels, and try to make it through the session without breaking anything!

Communicate your new address                                     

You need to spread the word about the address change as soon as possible.  Here is how:

  • File change of address forms with the post office

  • Update your address on driver’s license, voter registration and credit cards.

  • Update your address on your favourite online shopping sites

  • Transfer utilities to your new address (if you are not better off choosing new providers)

  • Notify you banks of address change and ensure cheques only come to your new address

Take proper care of important documents

In a big move, there are so many things that can get temporarily misplaced.  From vital certificates to real estate papers; it is easy to mix it all in the trash mistakenly. You need to devise a strategy for storing the documents throughout the move. Consider getting boxes for them.  Put documents that are qualifications, banking and financially related in one box. Put warranties, instructions, receipts and similar documents in another box.  Properly label everything. You will be glad you did!

Improve security

If you are not sure about the security of your new home, take things into your own hands. Start by changing locks around the house and then move to installing a more robust security system.  It doesn’t matter if crime levels have been near zero for decades, you need that assurance.

Cross check repairs and furnishings

The house may be looking spotless on the surface, but are you sure there are no leaking pipes to be addressed?  Checking the plumbing system can help you see if there is need to invite over a plumbing company. In the same way, take a look at the Interior décor and furnishings that has been left, if any, and decide if any have a place in your home, or if it should all go. Do you really want a brightly lit chandelier in your bedroom?

Understand the neighbourhood

Once you have settled in, it is time to get to know your community. Don’t wait for your neighbours to come over for an introduction. Go out on your own to meet them. Your neighbours can quickly become your best friends. They can help you watch the home when you are out and about. Their kids may strike a relationship with yours. The benefits are endless. Kicking off emotional connections is a way to reduce the adaptation time in your new location.