Most popular holiday destinations in Europe for investing in property

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Most popular holiday destinations in Europe for investing in property

Buying abroad continues to be a very popular choice for many when it comes to investing in property. Brexit has made an impact on this, which has led to numerous countries across Europe and even the world now being in-demand as a property location. So here we cover which countries are currently the most popular holiday destinations for people investing in property.

  • Spain

Spain remains the number one property buying destination in Europe. It is an easily reachable holiday hotspot and Brexit has not had any impact when it comes to people looking to invest in property there. Since 2017, the prices of property has continued to rise in Spain but it still remains low in comparison to many other countries across Europe. A number of the most popular locations in Spain for buyers is Torrevieia, Estopona and Villamartin to name just a few.



  • France

Sitting in number two is France, which remains one of the most popular buying destinations in Europe. Similar to the above, it is easily accessible and there are endless areas across the country for all, with quiet village life in the south of France being popular. You can also pick properties up at very reasonable prices, as they have not risen much at all since 2017. Two popular destinations to buy are Brittany and Morbihan.

  • Portugal

Another destination that remains as popular as ever is Portugal. It is renowned for being very friendly and there can be some very attractive tax benefits from buying there. If you are looking for a budget option then Portugal is possibly not the place, as it can be fairly expensive. The country is also still basking off its glory of winning the European championships in 2016, which further added to the tourism in the country. It is also becoming a much more popular destination for permanent movers. Some destinations in Portugal that have been common place for property buys is the Algarve, Cascais and Braga.



  • Greece

Greece is another European destination that is clearly on the up when it comes to property sales. This follows on from the issues surrounding the debt crisis in the country. However, Greece still remains a popular tourist spot for holiday makers, so remains an attractive buy to rent option. Greece is another destination that is easily accessible with Agios Nikolaos, Elounda and Crete being at the top of many people’s lists.

  • Italy

The final destination to make the list is Italy, which still remains one of the most popular for buying overseas property. This is down to it being a hotspot for holiday makers, with beautiful historic buildings throughout the country. The average property price is still fairly high and similar to Portugal with the most popular areas being the like of Tuscany and Chianni.