More ways to make your home more desirable

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When you are selling your home, there are some things you can do to get it ready for sale and add value to your home.(immeuble a vendre) that you may not think of. Even someone experienced in the real estate game may need a refresher on these things, so don’t worry if you didn’t know any of these tips!

Make space

Get rid of any oversized furniture or extra pieces so that your rooms look as spacious as possible. The more space and room you can create, the more appealing the overall floorplan will be to a buyer. Get som ideas from looking at furnished apartments in New York City.

Consider your closets

Storage is one of the things that most buyers are on the lookout for. If your closets are overstuffed and cluttered, it creates the illusion that the house doesn’t have adequate storage space. Most buyers won’t first consider the fact that perhaps you need to downsize your stuff! They will automatically think the house is too small.

Finish those odd jobs

Everyone has a list of odd jobs around the house that never seem to get done, right? Now is the time to do them. Set aside a weekend or a few days to plough through that list. Paint windowsills, fix broken light switches, repair broken tiles, etc.

Give the illusion of a renovation

If you don’t have the money or time to give your home an actual renovation, there are things you can do to give the illusion that you did. Replace fixtures, update lighting, replace doorknobs, etc. These small changes make a big difference.

Dedicate each room

We all have that room that seems to have multiple personalities. Although a home office/playroom/guestroom might work perfectly for you, it’s best to actually dedicate each room to one purpose while you are showing. Pick a purpose and showcase how that room can be used perfectly for that purpose.

Create a spa bathroom

A luxurious bathroom is one of the most attractive things to a buyer. Roll up some white towels and tie them with a pretty ribbon. Add some lightly scented candles, and decorate with calming hues of white, blue, and green. Even small touches such as a dish of decorative soaps can make a small powder room look and feel much more luxurious

Encourage conversation

Arrange your living room furniture so that it creates conversation “areas.” This is particularly important in larger, open-concept areas in which buyers can struggle to envision how they might arrange their own furniture. If you create conversation areas, you’ve done the work for a potential buyer and they don’t have to imagine how they would do it.

Selling your apartment is all about making it as desirable as possible to as many buyers as possible. It’s about finding a balance between allowing your potential buyer to envision their own things and their own life in the space and also providing them with examples of the kind of life they could have in the space.