Look at the 5 best cities in Europe for Brits to move to

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If you are from England, and are looking for one of the best places to live in Germany, there are numerous places available for you. The cities, which are selected are quite cheap, and are beautiful. Thus, if you are thinking of reallocation, you should definitely allocate to such cities.

If you start living in a place, there are a number of aspects, which are related to it. The first is the cost of living. The higher the cost of living, the worse will be your lifestyle and vice versa. Thus, the cost of living plays an important role. Apart from it, the scenic beauty of the place is also important. Here are the top five places where you can move to. You can also view more by visiting here.


Berlin is one of the most beautiful places, which is located in Germany and is the capital of it. It is one of the most affordable places, where you can live in. Apart from it, it has a beautiful night life, and the culture of the city is quite great, which will definitely attract the cultural British persons to come to Berlin. Apart from it, the scenic beauty of the place can be man-made, but it has some heritage touch in it, making the experience of living in Berlin great. The cost of living has increased a little, but it is a lot affordable compared to other beautiful cities, which are located in Europe.


Barcelona is one of the cheapest cities to live in Spain. The capital of Spain is Madrid, and the cost of living in Barcelona is 20% more affordable than in Madrid. Another appealing aspect about Barcelona in Spain is the weather. The weather is neither very cold, not very hot, and is the perfect way that for outing. Barcelona also has a wonderful scenic beauty, which is composed of man-made beauty and natural beauty, making it the best place for those who love scenic beauty.


Athens in Greece is one of the oldest cities in Europe, and is one of the best places, where you can start living in. The cost of living in Athens, Greece is going down time to time, though there are some problems behind it. But if you want to get all kind of scenic beauty in one place, like beaches, mountains, actions can be one of the best destinations for you. It is being one of the oldest cities in Greece, will give you a different feeling of living there.


Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities, which can be your selection for living. There are a lot of imported goods available in Istanbul, which makes the choice of materials quite high. Apart from it, the cost of living in very low, especially the most essential items for leading a life. You can also get high-quality alcohol, which makes Istanbul the best destination for alcoholics.


If you are fond of water bodies, mountains and castles, Budapest in Hungary is the best destination for you. Though the cost of living is a little higher, you can easily afford it, provided you do not have a very fast lifestyle. But if you have a lot of money, Budapest can be the best destination for you.