Interior and exterior decoration of the hotel

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What should you think about when designing the exterior and interior of your hotel? Here’s some tips that will help you to lure more visitors.

How can you stand out from the background of numerous hotels and inns? The hospitality industry has always been characterized by intense competition. In this regard, one of the distinguishing qualities can be a creative design, both on the outside and on the inside.

Expensive renovation, comfortable furniture and top-notch service - at first glance, this is what should win over new visitors. However, if the opposite is true, then it is worth paying attention to the exterior of your hotel, as well as the design on the inside. These are the things you should pay attention to, as this is the first thing that customers see long before they evaluate your infrastructure.


Practical experience of recent years shows that template design is suitable only for hotel chains. When it comes to a single private hotel, you need to create an exceptional design.

The distinctive design against the background of the typical buildings will immediately attract the eyes of vacationers, encourage them to come back to you, and also create free advertising.

Modern trends in interiors and exteriors in hotels

Versatile use of space in the hall

Today, the hall space is no longer used only as a place for welcoming new visitors. More and more often, the hall is used as a comfortable place to work for people who cannot tear themselves away from work even on vacation, as well as for new acquaintances and a lounge zone. In this regard, the hall should be decorated in vivid colors, using more living plants, and also filled with multimedia stations for the comfort of visitors.

Standard room layouts are no longer in vogue

Rooms of the same type, differing only in the number and sizes of beds, are no longer surprising. In order to lure customers, you need to offer new, more functional rooms. When making an application, each person will want to choose a room for his needs himself. Whether it is the presence of a mini-office with a TV and laptop for business visitors or bright spacious rooms with an outdoor terrace for creative visitors.

Spacious bathrooms for maximum relaxation

In the past, bathrooms were built very small just to shower off the salt after swimming in the sea or taking a quick shower to cool off on a hot, sunny day.

Now this is not enough. Many visitors want to get the maximum rest without leaving their room. The combination of a bathroom and some spa services will attract guests looking for luxury and romance.

It is enough to build a spacious bathroom, add a cascade shower, a jacuzzi, fill it with cozy decorative elements, soft towels, fragrant oils and no one will be able to pass by such a room.

Using a large number of live plants

One of the successful designs of modern hotels is the use of elements of nature that visually enlarge the space.

The visual expansion of space due to the introduction of elements of nature has become a decisive factor in the development of designs for modern hotels. The use of natural materials in the interior decoration and an abundance of greenery allows you to minimize the pressure of the city bustle. Due to the furniture made from natural components, both the furniture inside the rooms and the hotel outdoor furniture, guests will experience the maximum serenity and unity with nature.

Use of high technologies

Different hotels are chosen by people with different needs. Some go on vacation in order to completely take a break from the bustle of the city and constantly ringing phones. Others, on the contrary, want to relax, but do not fall out of reality completely. In this case, you also need to think about the functionality of your rooms. Someone will need an air conditioner and a TV, while others will need full technical equipment. However, a good Wi-Fi network should be present in every room. After all, everyone will not be able to resist posting a beautiful photo on Instagram.


Ultimately, it is impossible to think over the design and functional set of the hotel that would suit every visitor. In this regard, it is important to understand the contingent of people who prefer your hotel and fill it with the necessary equipment.

Hiring professional hotel designers and researching competitors' designs will help you upgrade your hotel.