How to Make Your Home More Valuable and Sell Faster

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When deciding to buy a hew house, the majority of buyers believe that they understand precisely what they need. However, the unfortunate state of affairs is that they won’t find what they were searching for. This is your chance to showcase why something different can work in their favor.

Based on the amount of cash and time that you spend on changing your house into something more appealing to possible purchasers, as well as your pricing strategy, you can get a nice return on investment when you sell the house. The following tips and tricks can help you get a competitive advantage and help your buyers realize the true value of your home.

Clean and Repair

For starters, you’ll need to fix and clean your house to increase its value. First, do any small repairs you need to do — including fixing holes in the walls, broken door-knobs and tiles, as well as threadbare and torn carpets. Lots of buyers do want to be able to change stuff as they like, so account for this during your fixing. Also, clean up the garden if you got one. This includes:

  • Cutting bushes back

  • Cleaning the furniture and patio of dirt or lichen.

  • Cutting the grass.

Although this doesn’t look like it will increase the value of your house, it will increase the chances of you selling it, since it provides more appeal to your customers. Moreover, you should clean anything else until it shines. Meaning you need to remove limescale, clear and fix tile grout, waxen wood floors, lose any weird smells, and place fresh towels. Again, this adds appeal to your place and allows your buyers to see themselves living in that house.

Market and Photograph

Even though your agent will place the selling of your house on some websites, you should tell them to include the most popular ones like Zillow, Trulia, and Craigslist. In addition, you’ll have to map the house properly on every of these sites. This is one way to increase the marketability of your home.

The other is to take stunning photos of your home. We all know that pictures of houses are the break or make factor during first contact. This is what makes them decide to visit a home they say online. If you’re able, you should hire a professional photographer for a photoshoot. It’s more than likely that your real estate already knows one.

Fence Up

When you have a nice fence you not only enhance the visual appeal of your house, but your yard as well. If your house doesn’t look pretty at the back, a robust, tall fence will block the undesired view and make something much more pleasing.

Of course, you’ll have to position your fence in the right way, for the most impact. For instance, placing a fence at the front of the house will lower your curb appeal but one in the back can increase the profitability of the real estate. Just like other big renovation projects, placing a fence takes money and time, as well as plans and hard work. You can learn more about building an amazing fence from Buildworld.

The key aspect of whether your fence will be an impactful asset or lower the value of your property is its material. For example, a wooden fence or other kind of solid fence such as cast iron or concrete will net around 50% of the cost of materials and installation during sale. This is since strong fences like these are considered more visually pleasing.

Keep in mind that not every kind of fence will increase the value of your home. For instance, if you place a chain link fence, potential buyers will definitely consider it less appealing , meaning its not worth the effort.

Price and Communicate

You should also set the pricing properly. In fact, pricing houses for selling is a complex strategy. Of course that you want to get as much as possible. Big too large prices come with their own drawbacks, including waiting a long time to sell the house. Moreover, if your pricing is too low… You wont get what you want. In an ideal situation, you’ll get several offers.

Ultimately, you should keep your communication transparent and sincere. This is what most real estate experts recommend — total transparency between real estate agents, clients, and house owners. Mostly because transparent relationships benefit all. So, be sincere with your real estate agents about anything concerning your house. Even though it might be something that others consider bad. Communicate first. Communicate always.

Update Your Kitchen

Since the kitchen is the most valuable real estate in your house, you should upgrade it. The kitchen has the highest square foot to cash ratio and definitely makes a difference for buyers who doubt. This includes thinking about refurbishing your kitchen cabinetry. Because this option is more affordable than when you just install new cabinetry.

And yea, it will cost you to upgrade your kitchen countertops. But this will also add some nice profits. Moreover, you should declutter any surface. Remove any big appliances.