How to Make Your Home Appealing to Tenants

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It takes work to let out property and maintain a consistent cycle of tenants, to avoid waiting for new inhabitants in between tenancies and resulting gaps in income. With the average length of tenancies estimated last year at 18 months, there are measures you can do take to make your home desirable to potential renters.

It may take a little extra time and effort to make your property look extra impressive, but it could make all the difference and doesn’t have to break the bank. Read on to find out more:


  • Extra sunlight can be let into the property by trimming back overgrown trees and bushes.

  • Keep the lawn freshly mown at all times.

  • Add flowers at the front to give a nice first impression; don’t forget to eliminate any weeds.

  • Remove rubbish from around the external areas; move bins out of the way.

  • Have a patio area? A garden canopy could be a real deal-breaker for enjoying the outdoors all year round.

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  • Keep walls, furnishings and floors neutral to make them a blank canvas and avoid taste clashes.

  • Freshen up any blemishes on the paintwork.

  • An accented wall is a stylish way of giving a room interest without being too in-your-face.

Living Room

  • Give this room a homely feel easily with cushions, blankets and candles.

  • Give yourself time to open windows beforehand to let the room breathe.

  • Don’t forget to turn on fires or heating in winter to enhance the cosy feel.

  • Easy additions such as paintings, lamps and plants could make all the difference and can easily be moved if they aren’t to the tenant’s taste.


  • This room should be nothing short of spotless across all worktops, appliances, walls and floors.

  • Never leave dirty dishes sitting out.

  • Kitchens are real focal points for house hunters whether renting or buying, so keeping it looking as modern as possible will definitely help.

  • Don’t forget about kettles, toasters and microwaves in new properties – if you are willing to supply them, have them there and if the existing ones look past their best, replace them.


  • Again, give this room a deep clean as anything less will repel viewers immediately.

  • White goods are most attractive to tenants and again provide more of a blank canvas with the illusion of more space too.

  • Mirrors are another way of adding the illusion of making the room look bigger.

  • Remove any toiletries, flannels or toilet brushes already there (unless the latter two are brand new!).


  • Replace the bedding as close to the viewing as possible; this makes the focal point of the room look inviting and smell it too!

  • Remove any clothes or belongings that have been left behind.

  • Remember to clean under the bed, on the tops of wardrobes and any other awkward places which could nevertheless be scrutinised.

Some additional advice to bear in mind:

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  • Turn on lights if necessary so that everything can be seen and looks brighter.

  • Don’t forget to clean the windows and windowsills; they’ll be constantly looked through and marks will be noticed!

  • door canopy adds additional aesthetic interest and shelter at the front of the house.

  • Don’t leave any post lying out.

  • Clean floors in every area, including hallways and landings.

  • Remove clutter from every room; a tidy and clear space does wonders for the lasting impression on viewers.

Remember to take extra care in cleaning stairs as these can collect the most dirt and dust.