How to Keep the Kids Cool During a Heatwave

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So you've moved into a new home in the always warm and gorgeous Lisbon, Algarve, Andalusia, Naples or even Madrid with your family. The unrelenting sunshine and the picturesque views remind you of why you made the move. The warm weather and exotic outdoors make for daily adventures. However, with climate change promising longer and hotter summers, you need to be aware of how to keep your kids safe from oppressive heat. By shielding your kids from the heat, you’ll be protecting them from dehydration, dizzy spells, heatstroke and heat exhaustion.

To keep your kids sheltered and safe during a heatwave you simply need do the following things.

  1. Keep your ears to the news and your eyes on the thermometer.

Pay attention to news updates especially weather reports concerning the heatwave. This will let you know if the weather is getting worse and if your kids will be better off staying indoors. Keeping your eye on your home’s thermometer will also keep you informed of how hot it’s getting and thus lead you towards taking steps to cool down your home and its inhabitants.

  1. Make sure kids are wearing appropriate clothing.

You have to make sure your kids are dressed appropriately during periods of hot weather. Stifling clothing or outfits made of materials that retain heat can complicate matters by worsening the body temperature. Textured and lightweight fabrics such as madras, seersucker, hopsack, linen, and oxford, are all good cloth fabrics for a hot day. Cotton outfits are also a good idea during hot seasons because it allows your kids’ body breathe better and also efficiently absorbs excess sweat.

Dark coloured clothes, synthetic fabrics, and thickly weaved fabrics are not a good idea during hot weather because they are known to trap heat.

  1. Keep kids hydrated.

No matter how hot it is, kids will always be kids and will likely want to play. While letting your kids play during a heatwave, be sure to keep them hydrated by ensuring they get lots of fluids throughout the day. Sodas and excessively sugary drinks are not a good idea because they don’t actually quench thirst and only make you thirstier. Cool water is a better idea. But if the kids find that too bland, you can offer them some cool refreshing lemonade which will both quench their thirst and load them up with a healthy dose of vitamin C.

Ice cream can also be offered to the kids during the course of day to really help them cool off.

  1. Get them wet.

Instead of running around in the heat, you can get your kids to play safer water based games. If your home doesn’t have a pool, then you can get an inflatable pool or water slide. Having a variety of water based games means the kids can play as much as they want and still stay safe because of the cooling effect of the water. If there’s no pool and no waterslide, there’s nothing wrong with chasing your kids around the yard with a water hose. And if you’d rather keep your kids indoors, let them shower has many times as possible throughout the day. This will help them stay cool as well as rid their body of stale perspiration.

  1. Keep the air-conditioning on.

This is probably the most efficient way to keep your kids cool during a heatwave. AC experts such as FixMyAc usually recommend having a central cooling system installed in your home in order to ensure every room in your house is kept cool no matter how hot it gets outside. With the AC on, you can keep your kids indoors once the weather gets too hot. It is also a great opportunity to bond as a family as everyone is together and can play family friendly games.

So there you go dads. Keep your kids cool in the heat and make sure to apply these tips not just on the kids but also on you and all your loved ones.