How To Declutter Your Home And Create Your Dream Living Space

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Decluttering your home: are there three other words more likely to drive you towards procrastination? Probably not. The good news is that is doesn’t have to be this way. With a solid plan, a few simple tricks, and some helpful sources of inspiration, you can enjoy the health benefits of decluttering your home and start creating your dream living space. Read on to find out how.

Make a plan

Without a plan, decluttering your home is doomed to fail. Get ahead of the task by scheduling a date for the job in your calendar.

Being specific, boxing a whole day off, and committing something to print will help avoid using the immortal phrase “I’ll do it next weekend”. Next, open up a notepad app on your phone — or use a pen and paper if you prefer — and map out a plan of action.

Some top tips that will make sure you plan covers all urgent bases include:

Making a list of all spaces you want to declutter

Prioritizing the most cluttered spaces first

Set completion dates that you know are realistic

Make a list of all the cleaning products you’ll need to do a good job

Ask friends and family for help beforehand

Use the three box method

On the day of the big clear out, you need to have a good system to keep your decluttering under control. One of the best and simplest strategies is The Three Box Method.

As the name suggests, all you need is three big boxes labeled:

Keep - This box is reserved strictly for those items that you simply can’t live without. Whether it’s the cuddly toy you’ve had since childhood or a collection of rare vinyl, everyone has items they will never part with. Ideally, items from this box should be stacked neatly and put in a safe place so you can easily find them a more suitable home later.

Trash - This box is for all your junk. If you’re the sentimental type, you can add a fourth box to the mix labeled ‘Consider’ for items you’re in two minds about keeping. However, to make sure you declutter your living space as thoroughly as possible, it’s advisable to be ruthless.

Rehome - This box is for items that are still in good working order but you no longer need, like used baby gear, old clothes, and books. There are several places you can rehome this type of clutter, including your local charity shop, Craigslist or niche-specific sites like Cash 4 Books.

Getting rid of clutter

After going through each of your rooms systematically with the Three Box Method, you need to get rid of all the box marked Trash. How you do this will depend on the nature of your junk.

For example, glass, plastics, junk mail, aluminum cans, and cardboard can be put straight out for collection via your curbside recycling program. If you’ve got lots of yard waste, power cords you no longer use, old remote controls, broken furniture, and piles of old electronics, you may need to go to the dump.

Depending on your hauling capacity, hiring a dumpster can provide a quick and affordable way to get rid of all your debris in one go. This way, you can have the dumpster delivered to your house, keep it for up to seven days, fill it as you work, and then have it picked up.

Compile a scrapbook

Now that you’ve cleared your home of all unwanted clutter, it’s time to start creating your dream living space. For this, you’re going to need inspiration.

Start perusing an assortment of interior design magazines, make clippings, and create collages of your favorite colors, trends, furniture, wallpapers, or whatever takes your fancy, If you haven’t got the time or money to flick through magazines, you can do something similar online. Bookmark your favorite sites — including ours — look at some of the best interior design boards Pinterest, and spark your imagination.

Create a focal point

The layout of any room will feel much warmer, comfortable, and inviting if you create a focal point. Having a feature that draws the eyes and stimulates feel-good emotions is also a great conversation starter for guests.

What makes a good focal point for your dream living space will vary depending on your unique tastes, but some of the most popular and impactful include:

A feature fireplace

Large mirror

Feature wall

Home bar

Open red brick wall

Drawing attention to a window

Add the finishing touches

In the same way a cupcake without frosting unfinished, adding finishing touches is key to turning a room from drab to fab. There are a million ways to crown your dream living space, and referring your scrapbook is a great place to start for insight, but if you need a bit more inspiration, here are a few cool ideas:

Diving a room with a rug

Placing eye-catching art opposite your main couch

Using colored drapes to bring the room together

Introducing plants and flowers to add freshness and natural color

Add lamps, lighting, and dimmers to alter the mood

A cluttered house is stressful and a major roadblock to creating your dream living space. Following the advice above will help you clear the old to make way for the new and start building a haven for rest and relaxation you can be proud. Good luck!