Hoppy’s Happy Home!

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It’s not just the daily office grind that grinds many of us – home management, at least for 36% of us, ranks higher on the stress scale than our jobs. An untidy home is cited as one of the top concerns together with a lack of storage and worries about paying the bills. The list goes and we tend to stress about home updates, dodgy DIY, and lack of help from those we share the home with.

The last point is most prominent in the divide between men and women when it comes to completing home chores. Men cite 37.7 hours of housework per month whilst women complete an extra 10 hours monthly. This disparity, unsurprisingly, leads to arguments, but there are ways to minimise it. Being realistic about expectations help as well as dividing and conquering the list. Lastly, let tech help you out; using a home management system, like the one designed by Hoppy, will make planning and completing home tasks easier. To learn more about what people find stressful about housework and ways to reduce it, check out Hoppy’s infographic above.