Great Ways to Add Value To Your Home

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For many homeowners, long term goals include adding more value to their residence so that, when they eventually sell it, they can upgrade to something better, or just make a generous return on their investment. However, it can be hard to get started or figure out what would be best to do to ensure this result. Luckily, there are actually some very simple and oftentimes affordable options for adding value to your home. If you are interested in finding out more, then read on to take a look at some great projects to consider.


Outside Patio for the Summer


A growing trend these days is that everyone wants to get closer to nature and spend more time outdoors, and why shouldn’t we? Most people spend the bulk of their lives in the office, or at home watching television. When the weather is nice, there is nothing better than enjoying the sunshine overhead and the summer breeze. For that reason, an outdoor patio makes a phenomenal addition to your home.


Outdoor patios allow you to enjoy your home and property even more. They are perfect for entertaining guests and throwing parties and get-togethers; a great barbecue outside with your friends will be the highlight of your summer. There are many options to consider that will allow you to customize your patio to fit your perfect vision, from ornate polished tiles to beautifully stained wood - even concrete can be very beautiful when incorporated stylishly. Some homeowner associations suggest that a custom-made and well designed patio can add as much as 8-12% to your overall home value.


Add a Finished Basement


A finished basement can be an excellent way to bring a lot of value to your home. Nowadays, so-called “man caves” are very popular amongst the middle-aged crowd. With a cigar lounge, or card room, your basement can become a fantastic entertainment center. Many people enjoy playing blackjack online, along with other card games, but don’t always get a chance to play in person; a card table would be a lot of fun when friends come over, and is easily added to a basement space. You could also take the opportunity to install a full home theatre. Having the added entertainment room can really help sell your home and add some extra value.


Update Your Driveways and Sidewalks


One of the most important aspects that people look at when surveying a home for sale is also one that is the most overlooked by homeowners. People become so obsessed with the interior of their home that they forget to look at the outside. Driveways and sidewalks are incredibly important for both aesthetic and safety reasons. Having brand new sidewalks will eliminate the worries of someone getting injured on your property and will help decrease the chance of accidents in the winter, whereas a new driveway will help to reduce the wear and tear on vehicles, helping them to last longer. Overall, a new driveway or sidewalk can be very affordable and yet add a lot to your home, including a huge increase in the immensely important “curb appeal.”



A New Coat of Paint Goes a Long Way


Another greatly overlooked feature of your home is the outside paint. After years spent outside facing the changing weather, your paint could quickly become dingy or dirty looking. If you’re looking for easy and cheap ways to give your home an update, this is the best place to start. A new coat of paint goes a long way to add a modern touch to your residence. If you contact professionals in the local area, it's easy to find a reputable company that can handle this service for you in a cheap and efficient manner.


Plant Some Trees


It’s amazing how some trends can go in cycles. For years, homeowners were at war with the trees on their property, cutting them down for space and getting rid of the need to constantly rake up leaves in the fall. Now, people are realizing the value that trees bring to their home. Ask any landscaper or land developer and they'll assure you that planting a few trees around can go a long way in adding to the overall appeal and value. Don’t stop there either. Some decorative shrubs and bushes around the front of your home can add a quaint, countryside feel. Additions like this are simple and don't take a large commitment, but can do wonders for you when you are going to sell your home.