Follow in the Footsteps of Brad and Angelina

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We’ve all been completely entranced lately, by the long awaited nuptials of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  The beautiful ceremony finally took place on 23 August 2014 at the couple’s romantic French residence Chateau Miraval in the southern village of Correns.  It was a family affair with all of the couple’s children, Maddox, Pax, Sahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox, taking part in the ceremony. 

 If you’ve seen the pictures, in Hello and People Magazines, you may be dreaming of giving your family a taste of magic.  Brad and Angelina certainly provided a little magic with the $5 million they received for the intimate snaps; they donated the entire amount to their favourite charitable causes.  You can experience some magic yourself; you may not be a multi-millionaire, and a chateau may be a little of your league, but you can still invest in a little of the beauty of Correns.

What is great about living in Correns?

Aside from its celebrity connections, Correns is known as being the first organic village in France.  Living in this area of Provence Verte (green Provence) you can sample such delicious organic produce as Comte cheese, washed down with wines such as that produced at Chateau Miraval.

It’s not just the food that’s beautiful in Correns, which benefits from an incredible backdrop of rural simplicity that remains just as Mother Nature intended.  During the warm weather the River Argens provides a great place for the local community to cool off, right in the centre of the village.

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Do I need celebrity money to live in Correns?

Much like other areas of France there are some incredible properties for sale in the village but the prices can be high.  This doesn’t mean that the real estate market there is outside of the reach of an average buyer with prices ranging from the lower hundreds of thousand euros right into the millions.

One thing’s for sure you’re not just paying for a property, you’re paying to live in a truly serene and beautiful environment.  Don’t forget that you’ll also benefit from the heathy organic lifestyle in the area.  Having a heathy and peaceful place to live is something that can be invaluable.  So if you want to be a neighbour of Brad and Angelina, when they’re in residence, why not check out the beauty of Correns for yourself.