Feeling Homesick? Discover 4 Ways You Can Decorate Your Overseas Home

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People move abroad for all kinds of reasons, sometimes it’s for their career or financial reasons, to be closer to family or to start a new chapter in their lives and leave their old one behind. Most of them ended up spending many years away from home and could have repercussions on their social life.

Whatever the reason behind your move overseas, feeling homesick and missing the life, the people and the places you’ve left behind is incredibly common. Unfortunately, many people make rash decisions when they find themselves in such situations. This homesickness can be overwhelming to a point where one believes that the new place is not suitable for them. For that reason, it’s not uncommon to see a new homeowner listing their house as property for sale a few months after moving in. Of course, this could be the right decision under the circumstances, but before you decide to book your ticket back home and write this entire decision off as a mistake, ask yourself if there are changes you could make that would make the transition period a little easier.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to get used to your new overseas home is to decorate it and fill it with things that bring you comfort and joy. Want to know more? In this post, we’ll explore 4 ways you can decorate your overseas home.

Update Your Photos

Do you have photographs on the walls? Or are they still stuck at the bottom of those boxes you haven’t unpacked yet? Decorating your new home with your favourite moments and memories of people you love the most will bring you comfort when you need it the most. If your frames are looking a little worse for wear, why not update them with some stickable photo tiles instead? There’s no drilling or hammering required, and you can change the layout of your stickable tiles whenever you please! Whether you live in a Spanish Finca with tiled walls or have stylish wallpaper decorating your apartment in NYC, these photo tiles are suitable for all wall types, so start decorating with your favourite memories!

Set Up An Area for Relaxation

Moving house is stressful enough – but moving overseas? You’ve effectively turned your life upside down! It might be taking a little time for you to get used to your new home, but by creating an area dedicated to rest and relaxation, you might find yourself adjusting a little quicker. Dedicate an area that prioritises comfort, has a collection of your favourite books or photos nearby, some ambient lighting and plenty of cushions and throws. The more relaxed you are in your new property, the more it will start to feel like home.

Bring In Some Greenery

Adding plants and foliage into a living space instantly injects a sense of freshness and homeliness. The bright and vibrant leaves or flowers will add colour and texture to your property, and some plants even work to purify the air, making your overseas home pleasant. Why not head to the local market and see what fresh flowers or plants you can purchase? There might be some native plants you’ve never seen before!

And Finally

Introduce Scents That Are Familiar and Comforting

It’s easy to think that decorating is all about visual comforts, however, scents and smells are a powerful addition to your overseas home that can evoke a sense of comfort and familiarity during your transition period. Burn candles with scents that remind you of home, bake some cookies or use a diffuser that reminds you of your parents’ home.

If you’ve just moved overseas, give yourself time to adjust and follow these tips above to make your new property feel warm and comforting.