Best-selling Houses: Things You Should Know When Selling Your Property

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Let's be honest here. Probably the most stressful job everyone gets to experience at some point in their life is selling their home. Why wouldn't it be? With all the talking, convincing, not to mention the promoting you have to do, of course, it's stressful. Especially when you aren't really given the gift of gab (no offense there).

You may be planning for a relocation, or there are new members of the household and your family needs a bigger space, or maybe it's just the wrong neighborhood for you - whatever the reason is, property selling needs proper strategy and technique so that your house can sell quickly and doesn't stay in the market for too long.

Times are changing, and the strategies in selling your property must be upgraded, too. Here are several tips you might want to reconsider if you plan to put your house on sale.

1.   Check out some home buying companies…

If you need some fast cash, relocate quickly, or other personal and financial reasons, there are options available for you. In this case, you can do some home-buying company "shopping," if you have the time. When it comes to transparency, quality, and certainty, you can trust these companies to give you the best.

Of course, you have to be sure that they are legit and not one of those scammers who will rip you off or only offer you the lowest price possible. Companies such as Sundae can provide a reliable marketplace for your beloved home where they can expose it to qualified buyers who want to move into a new home.

If you are anywhere in California, you can check out this website and see if you can sell your property.

2.   ...or work with a real estate agent.

On the other side of the coin, you can also work with some local estate agents. You'd be surprised to know that most homebuyers nowadays are more meticulous than ever, and handling the pressure of talking and negotiating with them might put you in a more awkward situation.

Realtors could make life easier for you because they already have the training and experience in selling houses. Furthermore, they are extremely well-versed in details and are fairly committed to doing their job ASAP. However, this could also mean additional expenses as they also charge you a certain amount for their service.

3.   Take advantage of virtual technology.

Now that we are entering the so-called "new normal" where everything and everyone goes digital, you can grab that opportunity to use the internet as a platform for you to promote what you are selling (in which case, your property). This is one of the perks of being tech-savvy: you can utilize technology as a marketing strategy.

If you have hired a real estate agent, you can request them to make a video/picture tour of the home so that potential buyers can see how your house looks, from inside and out, without having to go and see it themselves. This is a much safer (not to mention, more modern) method, especially that we are still in a pandemic and everyone needs to keep their distance while working.

4.   Be realistic with your price.

One reason why houses don't sell quickly, or not at all, is because of the unrealistic price set by their owners. It's understandable to have a little attachment to the place you once called home, and for that, you see its value. However, feelings aside, you have to realistically assess your home's condition and set a fair price according to how it's truly worth.

Smart and wise buyers always do a comparative market analysis to determine whether the home they are checking out is overpriced. As a seller, you can also conduct analysis as a strategy so that you will know the selling price of houses near or within your area.

Meanwhile, it would be best if you are wise when setting up a home price. Expect that most buyers would want to negotiate with you, so make sure that you set a reasonable amount without forgetting to make a little room for negotiations.

5.   Preparation is key.

As in any other aspects, part of a successful strategy is the preparation. This means that you have to ready the necessary documents, beautify the home, keep it in its stellar condition, and stage it as best as you can. It is also advisable if you can point out some pandemic-friendly locations such as extra kitchen storage or home offices.

It's not only those that have to be prepared, though. The most important person who needs to get ready is you. As a seller, you have to be open-minded and flexible with your terms because unexpected turns of events might happen. This is not to scare you. Rather, having this mindset could help you be at bay when worse scenarios come.

Having a positive attitude, taking action, staying organized, jotting down important notes, and knowing when to seek help is crucial when you take the long road ahead.


Home selling can be a stressful transaction, but it doesn't have to be unfeasible, all the same. Setting your priorities straight, planning for an effective marketing strategy, and deciding how you want to sell are important aspects that you must employ in order to sell quickly without compromising the price of your property.