Best Places to Live in London

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London is the city of dreams for people from all around the world. The exclusive towers, classic black cabs, divine streets, and crowded sidewalks are the iconic aspects of this thriving city. The neighbourhood in London is extremely vibrant and allows you to explore your personality to the fullest.

Whether you are looking for some new builds in Wandsworth or just willing to peacefully settle in the happening life of London, this article is here to help you. Check out the best places to live in London that have swarmingly increased the stake of London's housing market in the past five years. Here are some of the popular neighbourhoods in London to start your life.

1. Brixton

Here you go with one of the most exquisite boroughs in London. The energising appeal of this place, blended with a vibrant touch of bold colours, is all that you need to make your life happening. The place has a cherishing persona with all the requisites to socialise.

The activities continue day and night in this culturally diverse borough. The place has a spirit that enlivens your soul. Located in the South of London, this is a place showing the right meaning of life in London.

2. Isle of Dogs

This is another top place to live in London offering a view of the Thames river at certainly reasonable prices. If you love to stay near the docklands, then this place will give you the right feel. The borough has its own character, which can be quiet and full of action at the same time. The residential space is located beside the canal within the looming towers.

3. Richmond

Located near the Thames river, this is another classic suburb in London. As the name suggests, this borough has a rich or better, a royal appeal. You would be really glad to know that Richmond Park is the biggest royal park in London.

With amazing proximity to the Charing Cross, it is one of the most desirable locations. No matter you want to watch a movie or settle in a place with access to essential amenities, it is the perfect place.

4. Camden

People who want to live a minimalist life can conveniently find a roof in Camden. The place has some street joints, vegan outlets, vintage stores, and gives the feel of hipsters. The place promotes the spirit of the 60s with rock, jazz, indie, and heavy metal music all over the streets. If you love out of the box things, then this is it.

5. Bermondsey

Now, that's something worth a look. According to Business Insider, Bermondsey is among the top-10 neighbourhoods in London for the best quality of life. With a blend of modern lifestyle, Bermondsey is an interesting place for an outlander. The waterfront cafes, unique markets, and charming restaurants are there to intrigue you at each step.

6. Blackheath

If you are planning to live in a country environment, then Blackheath is the perfect location. Situated in South East London, Blackheath has connections with Greenwich, as well as Lewisham. The place is equipped with pubs, shops, and restaurants. One of the most interesting parts of this place is Sunday Farmer's Market.

Despite having a lively and natural appeal, it boasts a connection to central London. It's more like a getaway from the busy streets of London but not too far from it. You have easy access to public transportation that will get you to central London within 25 minutes.

7. Islington

Here you go with a location popular for student life. If you are finding or choosing a borough with criteria including proximity to universities, reasonable pricing, and inter-connectivity with the city, then this is the place you were looking for.

Most of the universities are placed on the northern side of the river, which is quite close to Islington and hence, makes it the best place for students. Being a student, you might want to know the cost of living in Islington; then for a simple house share, you would have to pay £600 per month. That's quite a cost-effective alternative, especially in London.

8. Wandsworth

Located beside the Thames river, Wandsworth is a borough in the southwest part of London. As per Metro News, Wandsworth is certainly the most lively neighbourhood in the city. If you are looking for exquisite restaurants, serene parks, or easy connectivity, then this place offers a lot to its residents.

The place is also famed for Tooting Bec Lido, which is the biggest freshwater open-air pool. Buying new builds in Wandsworth is absolutely a good decision for professionals as well as families considering the complete package of amenities and entertainment.

So, that was all about some intriguing places in London to live in. Well, you must be thinking that there are many more boroughs to explore in London. However, not all the boroughs are as convenient as the one mentioned above.