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    First Time Landlord? Here Are Your Key Rights in the UK

    Becoming a landlord for the very first time can certainly be a daunting prospect. There’s a lot to think about – it’s not just as straightforward as giving someone the keys and collecting rent. Fortunately, there are lots of legal frameworks to guide you. It means there’s a fair amount of rules and responsibilities to […]

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    Must-Know Information for Brits Renting Property Abroad

    Your holiday home in the sun could get you a lot more than a suntan and a few phrases of the local language. But if you’re interested in renting out your holiday home, you’ll need to make sure you’re up to date with the latest laws and regulations. Here’s some must-know information for the Brits’ […]

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    China’s Property Bubble is a ‘Major Risk’

    After years of soaring prices and frantic construction across the entire country, the growth of China’s real estate bubble has finally faltered. Barely fifteen years old, the country’s property market is showing serious signs of strain. A Train Wreck Waiting to Happen At less than two decades old, China’s property market, despite the recent global economic […]

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    Why London remains one of the World’s most Alluring Places to Live

    There has been something of a scramble for property in London in recent times, and this has contributed to a major price hike throughout the capital. This trend also played a part in driving a nationwide rise in property prices, with market growth of more than 2.1% during the second financial quarter. With the corresponding figure for […]

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    Spain as a favourite celebrity hotspot

    Many people find it hard to resist the lure of Spain; with its idyllic way of living in the sunshine it offers a vast array of beautiful beaches, mouth-watering local cuisine and breath-taking scenery. It’s no surprise that Spain has since become a celebrity hotspot with many celebrities choosing to own holiday homes here and some […]

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    What you need to know about buying property in the Czech Republic

    You will have seen the colourful historic buildings of the Old Town Square in Prague, and the chocolate box images of the rural landscape of the Czech Republic, but have you ever considered purchasing property in this country that perfectly merges historical with contemporary.  Where is the best place to invest and why? There’s no shortage of […]

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    Follow in the Footsteps of Brad and Angelina

    We’ve all been completely entranced lately, by the long awaited nuptials of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  The beautiful ceremony finally took place on 23 August 2014 at the couple’s romantic French residence Chateau Miraval in the southern village of Correns.  It was a family affair with all of the couple’s children, Maddox, Pax, Sahara, […]

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    ECB Benchmark Interest Rate Reduction to Help Real Estate Recovery in Europe

    Following years of problems which began in 2009 with the commencement of the European debt crisis, the residential retail market has seen improvement in the last few months.  This is set to continue, and improve further, with the announcement, on 4 September 2014, of the 0.1% reduction in the European Central Bank (ECB) benchmark interest […]

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    European Air Quality Warnings

    Thankfully air pollution in Europe has decreased substantially over the past decades, resulting in improved air quality across the region. However, air pollutant concentrations are still too high, and air quality problems persist. Major cities like London suffer with high levels of toxins that can harm vulnerable people. What is Air Pollution? Most air pollution comes from the energy […]

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    Best Advice Tips For Buying Property in Spain

    Buying property in Spain a guide for those relocating, buying a second home or looking for an investment property in Spain. It’s no secret that property in Spain has been hit hard by the global financial crisis. Spanish property owners who bought before the crisis are suffering with negative equity or the fact that they may not recoup […]

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