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    Investing in Property Overseas: A Beginner’s Guide

    Real estate is one of the most appealing ways to invest your money, for a variety of reasons. One is that it is generally regarded as safe. Although property prices, like any other investment, can go down as well as up, in the long term the value of property will almost always increase. Property is […]

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    London Property Slump Signals Time to Sell

    Prices Drop More Than Three Percent Over A Single Month  The “late summer sale” is a common phenomenon whereby prices dip every August. But this year has seen the sharpest fall since the millennium.  For Londoners considering putting their properties on the market, the time could be here to stop thinking and start doing. That’s […]

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    6 Celebrity Hotspots on the Costa del Sol

    The Costa del Sol is known for having the perfect combination of sun, sand, sea and ‘slebs’. The vast array of swanky nightclubs, spotless beaches and luxurious accommodation makes it easy to see why the area is such an appealing playground for the rich and famous, but where can you go to spot a footballer, […]

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    What You Need to Know About Moving Internationally

    Moving internationally is nothing like when you go traveling on vacation to another country. It’s far more complicated and there are many steps to complete. In most cases, you’ll need help to complete the feat because it’s quite complex. Here are some things you need to know about moving internationally. Home Search Understanding the local […]

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    First Time Landlord? Here’s What You Need To Know

    If you’re starting to think about becoming a landlord then you’re probably buried up to your ears in research, paperwork, and mortgage applications. It’s definitely an exciting time but one that’s marked by a series of complicated questions the answer to which aren’t that easily found. We’ve put together a list of things to consider […]

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    When Should You Contact The Emergency Plumber?

    Running water is something we are used to in the modern world. Ever since piping was invented, running water was something that was seen as a vital commodity. The problem is that this vital commodity we use for being hydrated, cleaning, cooking and bathing is sometimes not accessible. Emergencies can always happen and can possibly […]

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    Fab first impressions – 3 tips for impactful home exterior features

    Home exteriors can be instantly evocative for guests and potential buyers — creating a positive emotional connection before they even enter the main property. And if you’ve found your ‘forever home’, making the most of the space around your house can perfectly attune it to a fantastic family life. If you want to foster a […]

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    5 Investments That will Increase The Value of your Home

    Follow my blog with BloglovinAdding value to your home can be tricky. There are a number of possible investments that could add value to your property but at the same time these same investments could end up not adding enough to cover the cost of the initial cash you put into it. It’s important to […]

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    Letting Agencies: Why Landlords Need Them

    In the past, landlords had more freedom to manage their own rental properties. These days, however, there are strict rules and legislation which may prevent them from doing so. For example, in Wales, the Housing Act of 2014 gave rise to Rent Smart Wales which is responsible for processing and granting landlord registrations and licences […]

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    3 Reasons To Buy Distressed Property

    Do you want to buy some property but not pay high amount? If you don’t mind undergo some repair for the property, the best bet for you is a distress property. There are plenty of online services like Real Acquisitions which will give you the idea of distress properties to buy. Why are you advised […]

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