6 Summer Garden Themes

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When you were decorating your interior, you probably used a mood board. When you were planning your wedding, you probably flicked through a bridal magazine. But when you designed your garden, did you use a theme? Well, in the same way that themes for other ventures help to pull our ideas together, a summer garden theme helps to make your back yard sing with colour, scents and style. But which theme suits you best..?

The Cottage Garden

Quintessential, romantic and nostalgic, the cottage garden encapsulates everything that’s wonderful about the English countryside. While formal gardens draw on order and symmetry, cottage gardens celebrate meandering paths, wild flowers and a patchwork blanket of blossoms and grass. To achieve this look, sow marigold, cornflower and lavender, tie bunting to the shed and keep your borders a little chaotic and curvaceous.

The Classic Garden

The classic garden is all about structure, symmetry, geometry and balance. Think of the outdoor spaces of Kings and Queens in stately manors and you’re on the right path, but rejoice in the fact that you can do something similar at home too! Craft lush green foliage into sharp, architectural shapes and punctuate the repetitious structure with elegant white flowers. You can find all the necessary garden supplies to achieve this look online or in local gardening stores.

The Quirky Garden

If your taste is a little off the wall, why be shy about it? Quirky gardens celebrate eccentricity, pulling together inspiration from anything and everything. This means that it’s a hard theme to define, but it does give you free reign to indulge in whatever makes you smile: whether that’s light bulbs repurposed as hanging vases, moss covered antique feature pieces or fencing slats painted in rainbow hues. Life is short, after all.

The Zen Garden

Zen gardens are peaceful and organised. With an emphasis on serenity, easy-on-the-eye design and mindful reflection, Zen gardens demand little in the way of clutter and a preference for minimalism. This Japanese style suits gardeners with an affinity for raked sand, dry surfaces and rock arrangements, as well an aptitude for pruning trees and an eye for composition.

The Fairy Garden

Typically, fairy gardens are miniature spaces designed to give the impression of a landscape inhabited by tiny, magical creatures. Sectioned off with picket fences, peppered with toadstools and home to a flurry of butterflies, fairy gardens feature jewelled paving stones that wind their way to an ethereal cottage. But what if you were to take this mystical, whimsical idea and scale it up to a full sized back yard? Paint your garden shed and disguise it with lush, blooming foliage, string lengths of coloured bulbs across the yard and add a romantic garden swing to sway softly in the breeze.

The Tropical Garden

Fans of the tropical garden theme are going to need a lot of heat and water to achieve the look they’re after, but if you happen to have a suntrap for a backyard and a love for all things colourful, this might be right for you. Bright flowers in scorching colours, such as fiery red, canary yellow and bitter orange will look fantastic amongst bold, leafy foliage, and requires little more than a bird cage and dripping water feature to complete such a dramatic look.