4 Things to Know Before Moving to The UK

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If you’re travelling to the UK for the first time, it is imperative to know about a few important things. Moving to any city in the world is exciting because one is willing to blend in the new culture and norms. However, a move is always challenging when you’re naïve and not well prepared. Here, in this feature, we will guide you through a few things to know about the UK:


  1. There is a Difference Between England, The UK and Great Britain

This is one of the first things; you need to consider when moving to the UK. Although this fact is very confusing, it is important for you so that there is no chance of the local getting offended because of your presence. Not to forget, England is one part of the four constituent states that are under the governance of the queen in London. Therefore, there is no separate assembly or parliament within the UK. On the other hand, Great Britain is an Island where Scotland, England and Wales are located. Lastly, the UK is an abbreviation for The United Kingdom of Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

  1. Pets Are Quarantined

If you are a pet lover and want to take your little munchkin to the UK, they must stay in quarantine for about six months before venturing out in the open space. This means, unless your pet doesn’t have a history of 6 months quarantine in the UK, you won't be allowed to take them out. Just like humans, their shots must be regular, and blood testing reports should be accurate. Ask your veterinarian to provide you with all the relevant information of the animal so that you can apply for their passport. This is something that needs to be done before time instead of rushing in the last hours.

  1. Know The Locations Before Leaving

Gone are the days when people would feel alienated in a new country. With the internet being omnipresent, it is easy for everyone to master a new location within minutes. You must know everything about the locality in the UK where you have plans to stay. You will be surprised to know; rent is paid per week instead of a month. People who live on the Northern side of the UK are full of life and enjoy dressing up every day. The UK is a cosmopolitan country so that you will come across different lifestyles and cultures in every city.

  1. Eligibility For Visa

You need to know if you’ll be able to get your visa to the UK. Consult a professional on UK immigration advice before you plan to go there. Not to forget, a tourist visa only allows you to stay in the UK for six months without working. So if you have plans to live there, it is better to get concrete information from the concerned embassy. The moment you land in the UK, people from the customs department will ask you questions about your reason to visit. So you should never go to a country on a different visa with a different intention.