4 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress When Selling and Moving

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Along with divorce and losing your job, selling your home and moving are two of the most stressful life occurrences. Not only can buying a new house and selling up be financially draining, but it can play havoc on your emotions too, causing some sellers to become incredibly stressed and anxious.

Selling and moving is a waiting game; waiting for viewings, waiting for offers, waiting for the moving date, waiting to complete. Having realistic expectations of the selling process will help quell the constant unknown and limbo feeling. However, to help alleviate other pressures you may face during the process, check out our top tips below.

Keep on top of tidying

Although it can sound extremely mundane there is nothing more aggravating than accepting a last-minute viewing when your house is a chaotic mess. Whilst people viewing your home will completely understand personal items and the odd bit of washing up in the sink, having the property spick and span is best.

The best way to combat this and save yourself from a frantic cleaning frenzy until 1am is to complete a big clean and keep on top of it daily. Doing little and often to keep your house neat and tidy everyday will not only save you the stress of cleaning with little time to spare, but also help potential buyers have a blank canvas to envisage their own belongings in your house.

Explore alternative ways of selling

Every high street has them, the trusted clan of estate agents ready to help you sell your home. Typically, when it comes to selling your home, there will be a local agent that will suit your needs. However, more and more potential sellers are turning their sights to alternative property selling models.

Online estate agents have risen it popularity in recent years. During the lockdown stage of the UK’s coronavirus pandemic many people with homes on the market withdrew from their high street agents in favour of selling with an online estate agent as they were already prepared to conduct sales remotely and/or with strict social distancing in place. The property market didn’t stop for online estate agents and they were able to alleviate the stress from sellers by selling their homes quickly despite all that was happening.

Online estate agents can often complete quick sales and charge little to nothing in the way of fees. With property listings sitting in high street windows for months and estate agent fees eating into the final sale value of a property, reduce anxiety by taking a look at the different routes to sale available beyond the traditional estate agent.

Know the selling process back to front

The unknown is one of the all-consuming stresses of selling and moving. Your plans are completely determined by estate agents and solicitors, meaning you are constantly waiting for the process to move along. One way to best prepare yourself is to have a clear understanding of the different steps involved in selling your home, as well as highlighting areas where things can go wrong.

You should never feel like you are left in the dark during the buying or selling process, your agent should always be keeping you in the loop. If you feel unsure, get in contact with them. Equally, being aware of the selling process will help you know if you are on track or not and will help you understand more when talking to your estate agent or solicitor.

Use a removals company

When you’ve been given a moving date book a removals company pronto. Let the professionals pack and move your belongings safely so that you aren’t frantically filling boxes at the last minute and potentially breaking items. If you opt for a full removals service, the packing team will have all the materials, gadgets, and gizmos to move everything from the smallest fragile item to a heavy piece of furniture easily and safely.

Leaving the care of your belongings in the hands of somebody else will not only save you from any heavy lifting, but also allow you to focus on other aspects of the move, such as collecting the keys or arranging care for children and pets. children and pets. You will be free from worrying about the A to B logistics and can get everything in order at the new house so that your moving team will know where to place everything.