3 sure-fire ways to (finally) sell your house in 2017

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Whilst everyone else is boasting about selling their homes in a record-breaking 57 days – the UK’s new average, according to The Financial Times – you've been struggling to get rid of yours for months.

Although you’d hoped to be long well shot of your house by the time 2017 rolled around, here you are, bringing yet another Christmas to a close in the same old living room as always.

Instead of happily moving into a dream new home, lovingly putting your own stamp on the place and discovering all the neighbourhood has to offer, you’ve had to put your relocation plans completely on hold.

But as tempting as it is, there’s no point sitting and moaning about the pitiful state of your local property market or burying your head in the sand.

To get your house sold you’re going to have to make a few key changes – we’re running through three that are guaranteed to attract some interested buyers. Take a look.

#1: give it a facelift

A freshen up will do wonders for the overall atmosphere of your home but there’s no need to completely redecorate the entire place – all you have to do is give it a quick facelift.

Brighten doors and hallways with a lick of paint, sticking to neutral colours for a modern look, and update the areas that age the quickest, like the kitchen and bathrooms.

If you get clever and bear in mind the current trend for faux finishes, you don’t have to replace the whole suite. So long as you get a professional quality contact adhesive and veneer (go for stylish grey marble) you can make the countertops look as good as new.

#2: emphasise spaciousness

Space is perennially attractive, especially in a busy family home where no one’s ever got enough room, but it does tend to come at a premium. That’s why offering up a large, bright house will always get you the best sale price possible.

You don’t have to spend a fortune adding an extension or converting the loft, though. All you have to do is cleverly optimise the space you already have by making the most of every square inch.

Start by decluttering and tidying everything away before every viewing – having stuff lying around just looks like there’s not enough storage which isn’t a good impression to give potential buyers. You can also emphasise natural light with mirrors to instantly make a room feel airier.

#3: go green

For a unique selling point that no one will be able to resist, embrace eco-friendly living and make some cost-effective green renovations to your house.

Swap to double glazing or put in a new, energy-efficient boiler and heating system. Whilst it should bring up the property value, it’ll also significantly reduce household bills, a fact that’s sure to impress viewers.

Implementing such changes will require a bit of initial investment, but if they get your property sold, and for a decent price too, then it’ll be worth it.

Don’t let the past few months of slow viewings and lacklustre offers dampen your spirit. Instead, embrace a positive attitude, follow our three top tips and your house i