Detached House, Leicester

€316 /mth.

We are looking for another student housemate to join four other soon-to-be 2nd year students at Leicester Uni, two girls and two boys, aged 19-21, as of September 2016. The contract lasts 12 months and starts from 1st July 2016. Although it currently doesn't include bills (which are really easy to sort out, and won't be much more on top of rent), it's a really good overall price given it's in the most desirable housing area for students in Leicester (Queens Road, Clarendon Park) - not a far walk from Vicky Park and the Uni (about 10-15 minute walk), not to mention all the nearby shops/cafes/bars/restaurants. With regards to payment, we won't be paying for bills over the summer period, unless of course you wish to live in the house over Summer; the Landlord will be doing some paintwork for us over those few months. Additionally, we have arranged for rent payment to be based around when our student loans come in (so, termly). The house itself is well furnished and consists of 5 bedrooms, four double and one single - the single room available is a really decent size, it includes a wardrobe and a desk, and is situated at the front of the house upstairs - please don't be fooled by the messy room and brown curtains in the picture, it's a really lovely room (and a really old photo). There are two spacious bathrooms, one upstairs and one downstairs (shower, bath, + toilet included); there is a large sitting area with sofas, and we've also asked our Landlord to add a small coffee/dining table as well. Weirdly, the kitchen is what really stood out to us (we thought it was pretty cool); there's plenty of room for us all to cook, and the kitchen includes an island with stools providing us with another place to sit and eat. It's also definitely worth mentioning we've got a driveway and a large back garden which includes a washing line, and most importantly, a swing (for when we get bored). Overall, it's a really good student house and the current tenants said they've really l

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