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Pizzo is blessed with numerous breathtaking bays which have their own unique and distinctive quality. However, they all share a spectacular background of nature and serenity set upon a rugged promontory encroaching into the crystal blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The old town of Pizzo itself is stepped into the ruggedly beautiful coastal to the west of the Calabrian region, stretching over undulating coastline, speckled with pristine white sandy beaches, sleep inducing coves and dramatic sheer cliffs.

Being locally and internationally renowned due to its dramatic location on the western coast of Calabria, the old town is loved by the locals and tourists alike. By day, it's a slow paced popular seaside town and fishing port, by night a bustling hub of activity providing innumerable Cafes, bespoke Gelaterias (15 at the last count) - offering up the local Tartuffo specialty ice cream found nowhere else in the world.

There is good rental potential is this municipality with strong attraction with the locals and a growing appeal to the international market.

Pizzo is also renowned for its local produce. The Swordfish (Pesce Sparda) and Tuna (Tonno) is highly rated with even the Japanese import the tuna from this region. There is a red onion which is unique to this area and you will find it incorporated into many delightful and somewhat unusual forms such as Red Onion Ice Cream. Lastly, Nduja is a peppered and spiced meat in the fashion of a pudding which is spreadable. All who try it rave about it.

On a regular and unexpected basis during the summer months, you can find a Sagra or Food Festival taking place in one of the many ancient and beautifully appointed Piazzas or Squares. The municipality provides many festivals and open concerts regularly in the evening through to the early hours, complementing the cobbled streets and classical buildings with a lively vibrant atmosphere.

Portoada Park is unique, luxurious an

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